About Rik Gaynor Productions Ltd

Rik Gaynor Productions Ltd (RGP) is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and versatile production companies in the UK today. Formed in 2005, following the huge success of the ‘Rik & Nik’ party dances and songs, who could ever forget the world famous ‘Purple People Eater’, the hilarious ‘Mimic Man’ and the whole country was pointing to ‘The Finger Song’. These famous songs are still enjoyed throughout Europe today.

RGP is a totally unique, forward thinking production company, committed to its clients needs for creative and original ideas in further going forward into the 21st century, with an attitude of ‘straight John Bull and no flanel’. Whether it’s pantomime or production shows for theatre, holiday centres, hotels, cruise ships, corporate events or private functions, our dedicated and highly experienced team of professionals are here to ensure that you are delivered with a perfect package fully tailored to meet your every requirement.

At RGP, we can deliver as much as you need. We supply recording facilities, DVD and video production and can help with all your technical requirements. We also design, develop and create costume characters and offer full services in choreography, direction, voiceover work, song writing and script writing as well as producing original TV and radio jingles to your own specification. With a proven track record in delivering highly successful productions and entertainment packages to numerous prestigious clients, we specialise in every aspect of entertainment, not forgetting of course the world famous Rik ‘n’ Nik party dances, the songs that all the holiday centres throughout Europe are going crazy for!

Past & Current Clients

Haven Holidays
Pontins Holidays
British Holidays
John Fowler Holidays Ltd
Thomsons Holidays
...to name but a few!

Contact Details

Telephone 0203 239 6123