RGP offers a unique and valuable service to holiday centres. With many years experience dealing at every level within the industry, we are the only company that can deal with every aspect of the business, whether it’s helping to recruit and train your staff, producing and directing team shows or creating a mix of suitable merchandise that compliments your holiday entertainments programme. RGP will work with you to create a package that right for you and meets your business needs. We don't create problems for our clients - we solve them!

Our production shows are second to none! We boast lavish costumes designed and made by west end designers, our very own set and prop builders, experienced choreographers and a first class musical director that can produce backing tracks suitable for your every requirement.

Our shows are written and directed by the highly renowned Rik Gaynor himself. He is extremely patient and experienced in coaching new performers and offers expert guidance. RGP strongly believes that holiday centres remain a great training platform for ‘wannabe’ entertainers but only if the entertainments structure is right, can your business reap the rewards. Therefore we ensure that our production shows and training brings out the best in young performers and develops them into great performers whilst at the same time highly improves the ‘holiday experience’ to your valued guests.


Some holiday parks choose to book only visiting cabaret for their guest’s entertainment, very often costing £200/£300 a night! How many times have you seen a venue clear because of a cabaret that was particularly bad? Maybe the material was just not suitable to the crowd? How many times do cabarets break down in their car or get double booked or simply they just don't bother to turn up?

Does this sound familiar, I'm sure it does!

By having your own in house team shows, you are in control and none of this will ever happen. Most importantly, you will save huge amounts of money by having less visiting cabaret. A production show over a season can work out far cheaper than a cabaret bill with better audience attendance and a better received entertainments experience. In short, you get far more for far less!

Let’s explore more of the facts...



Yes it's true, let's put it another way. If you were out with your friends and one of them got up on stage to do karaoke, you would want to support them, regardless of whether they were good or bad. In many ways it's the same with coat type entertainers. Over the duration of the holiday, the ‘coats’ get to know their customers - many on first name terms. In fact they very often become so close that they’re like adopted ‘family’. So, when the coat entertainers are performing a show, your costumers want to watch because they are watching and supporting their friends. If the show is excellent then that is an added bonus, it's as simple as that!



Selling merchandise on the back of your entertainments team shows can be a highly profitable business so it’s not surprising that many holiday centres if not already, are considering increasing their merchandise portfolio. Of course, it is crucial that the products and branding works ‘hand in hand’ with your core business and unfortunately many companies have just not got this right to maximise sales and the ‘free’ advertising opportunity that also exists from selling entertainments merchandise.

Here at RGP, we can supply all of your merchandising requirements. We work with you directly to design and create a portfolio of merchandise that compliments your entertainments team productions. We ensure that your valued guests will want to take a little piece of holiday memorabilia home with them, and they’ll be talking about it with their friends for months, if not years!

Lots of holiday centres like the idea of a show CD or DVD. It’s great for the customer as they can re-live there holiday experience over and over again and what's more show it to their friends hence, attracting new clientele! Flashing merchandise also proves very popular, especially on the back of a UV show. Whatever merchandise you decide to have, we can get it for you! And, because we deal in vast quantities, we are able to attract very competitive prices and are only too happy to pass these on to you.

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Rik Gaynor is one of the countries most prolific song writers and most of the top holiday centres in the country use or have used Rik's songs. It's hard to go anywhere in Europe that is not playing his amazing party songs. RGP can write to order any song or jingle branded exclusively to your company. Examples are pre cabaret jingles, pre bingo sales jingles or bingo rules jingles. Bingo rules must be explained correctly so why not get them down on disc to avoid any misunderstandings. Holiday home jingles can help encourage huge holiday home sales just like fast food jingles can help people realise how hungry they are!

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Does your mascot/character have a voice? Do you even have a mascot/character? We can do this for you as well. Skin characters are a great way of bringing ‘magic’ to the holiday for the kids.But in this day and age is it enoughjust to have someone in a costume? At RGP, we say “No!” We will create the magic for you by developing andproducinguniquely crafted skin characters that families will love and return year on year to see. We work with you to develop your existing characters or create new ones fit for the 21st century. We ensure that your characters compliment your branding and corporate image. We are then able to bring characters to life with character voices and movement that when played and performed on stage with a coat entertainer, gives the illusion that your character is talking – live! It sounds mad, but it really captures theimagination of the children – and sometimes the big kids too!
We also write and produce tailor made story CD’s and DVD’s. That’s right, exclusively written for your company with your characters!



We can train your staff in every aspect of holiday entertainment. Whether it’s the productions shows, how to compare, how to correctly call bingo and most importantly, how to effectively treat your customers - that is crucial! We will teach young staff how to conduct themselves in a professional way. Customers do not want to see coat entertainers chewing gum, smoking on duty or having a laugh with there mates at the bar whilst drinking a pint. Coat entertainers are at the forefront of your business. They represent your business. RGP will ensure that they are the business!



Have you ever wondered how you could get you customers to stay on park throughout the day? Daytime entertainment is the answer. Children are always the key to any family holiday. In short, if the kids are happy then the parents will be!

We write and devise pantomimes which are ideal for daytime performance. Rik has himself appeared in over 20pantomimes and also directs for UK productions, one of the countries largest pantomime producers and currently producing ‘Disney's’ Beauty and the Beast UK wide.

RGP can exclusively write and produce a pantomime starring your very own mascot/character. Your ‘coats’ will also star in the show. You will receive all the training, set and scenery, music and everything you need to put on a great show. Yet again, this creates a great merchandise opportunity. Let’s say for example the show starts in your venue at 2pm and you open the doors at 1pm. You have one hour before ‘curtain up’ to sell your branded merchandise. The opportunities are endless. Add to that the increased bar sales before, during and after the show as the result of a ‘captured’ audience. In short, daytime pantomime can and has, in the past become self financing!

RGP also successfully produces UV shows, ideal for holiday centres. Families love UV shows because they are colourful and funny. Merchandise opportunities are yet again plentiful. Rest assured, as always RGP provide everything you need to put on an excellent show for all your valued guests.



Our magic department is continually growing and we can make to order just about any illusion that you need. Our products are safe, easy to use and cost effective for all requirements.



RGP is not an agency; however we do work closely with a wide range of agents throughout the country. All the agents we use are members of the Agents Association of Great Britain. We can book for you a wide range of well known and experienced acts such as vocalists, comedians, hypnotists, magic acts to suit every occasion.

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Show girl
Blame on boogie, reach to sky
Girl in red dress singing
Rolling the Vagas wheel
Abanaza with Twanks
Slave with folded arms
Twanky in the audience
Abanaza with the Princess
Aladdin and Widow Tranky