Rik Gaynor

Rick Hudspeth
Video Production

Rick is a video camera operator, video editor, director/producer, DVD author and video lighting engineer.

Sony DVCAM Camera

The Rik Gaynor 'Party Dance' video was produced by Rick down in Cornwall while Rik was on summer season..

Rick's been in the TV business (one way or another) since leaving school,

Working as freelance for the main broacast companies (ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Sky) including shopping channal videos plus smaller production companies.

If you watch TV you will probably viewed some of his work.

GMTV, live outside broadcasts with satalite truck, in hospitals, on the street, in people's homes, whereever it needs Spot the lightto be!

The NEC Birmingham on stage camera for The Jasper Carrot's Rock with Laughter shows(5 times)
ICC Birmingham, conferences, and other business events.

The most ambitious programme he worked on was for 10 weeks, a programme called "Wanted" for Channel 4 ,

He has filmed on race tracks, (Castle Donnington, Silverstone and others) in helicopters, planes (and boats)

Rik interviewing on the streetThe team can take you from your ideas to script, to a full video production, then to through to DVD and duplication

Rates are fair and we make sure you are fully confidant and satisfied we are doing what you want before we even press the record button!

Live events (as on stage, hand held camera) including many famous artists, Blue, Unit 4+2, Jamelia, Danial Beddingfield, Beverly Knight, Liberty X, Claire Sweeny, Rick Walla, Gareth Gaits, Deep Purple, Kevin Keegan, Suzie Quatro anf many more

Interviews for Sky Sports with well known footballers, cricket players.

Sporting events, Rally driving, car race track, on the road rally in France. See video (soon)

Most famous person filmed would be The Queen and Price Phillip (She seemed pleased, there were no complaints!). Prince Andrew and Princess Ann. Oh! not forgetting Rik Gaynor.....


Rik and Nik

Rick Hudspeth

Rik Gaynor on camera

Rik Gaynor (presenter)

On stage with Rik

Rik on stage Live Show